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    David Rolas, is one of the Los Angeles icons of the local Los Angeles music scene. He is a one man music army. A true pioneer in every single angle of the music industry. David Rolas has done it all, from club promotions, to producer, songwriter, radio personality, major label artists, all the way to acting in Hollywood blockbuster films. He has an all new single called “Crazy Love” which features the beautiful voice of T.Lopez. The artwork is posted on David Rolas social media pages and is out now.
    Thanks to his experience as a DJ, David has met many key people inside the world of hip hop and joined various underground hip hop groups, like Brotherhood Movement, which had a single deal with Solar Records in the early nineties and a song called “Out of The Ashes” that was produced by world renowned producer Johnny “J“. On his third album titled “Mi Mundo” David Rolas set forth with one goal in mind, to showcase the cultural mosaic that lies within the West Coast Hip-Hop music scene by uniting some of the leading recording artists in the industry such as: Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas, Fulanito, Ozomatli, Toy Selectah, Akwid, Sekreto and Caballeros del Plan G amongst others.

    David Rolas kick started his own label and production company, El Produkto Music, LLC and has been releasing music and collaborating with artists non-stop. One of the things that truly sets David Rolas apart from others is that not only does he understand what it takes to build a successful commercial song in the recording studio, but understand radio programing, as well as maintaining his connection with the underground Los Angeles Hip Hop scene. David Rolas has the ability to flip from that true B Boy Hip Hop head cut to the Hip Pop/dance track to keep the dance floor hot. Be sure to check out the new David Rolas jam “Crazy Love”

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    Producing music, Djing

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  1. She's been putting out some really cool material. keep em coming.
  2. very dope old school feel. love this joint, very dope old school feel. love this joint,
  3. Look out for my new single...


  4. That's right!! New shit for the club.
  5. Dope Record!! I dj at a strip club here in L.A. so I know thry gonna eat it up!! DR
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