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    DJ/Co-Host of The Richmond House Collective Mix Show
    Soulful House and Classic House Music
    90.1 FM WDCE Log on to www.wdce.org to listen live!
    Friday Nights 11pm - 1am
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  1. This is a good look. Nice vibe. 

  2. This is cool, will give it a chance.
  3. DJJigsaw

    Giveon - For Tonight

    This is cool good vibe
  4. Respectfully requesting these records be added to your mix rotations and share them in your market we can link up on the backend and tour your area break bread ??



    Here’s an artist I want to share with you… Sean Soul 






  5. Jigsaw's Workshop of Puzzles DJ Jigsaw As complex as da puzzle As precise as da tool 804 519 3327 djjigsaw2004@gmail.com Facebook: DJJigsaw2004 Twitter: @djjigsaw2004 Ustream: Jigsaw's Workshop of Puzzles Radio Every Sunday night at 7 pm est www.sweatzonemusic.com Jigsaw's Workshop of Puzzles Radio every Monday night at 7 pm-9 pm

  6. Word is bond this is right on time like a great mix...thank you
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