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  1. Can you re-up the christmas songs again? Thanks
  2. Wow thanks for all the help you have been doing, really appreciate it. Could you upload Select Mix Country Essentials 1,2,3 or Country Rhythm 1-6. Thanks in andvance for the help.
  3. Hey MisterFana you got any other Country essentials?
  4. Hey DieselD could you upload Select Mix Country Essentials 1,2,3 or Country Rhythm 1-6. It would help me out greatly thanks.
  5. Hey can anyone get the acapella from "Porn Star Dancing" by My Darkest Days feat Ludacris. That songs going to go sick in a club...all the song really needs is a harder hittin bass behind it...but coul really use the aca if someone is going at ripping acapellas. Would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Thanks alot man. And for those having issues with the unzipping double check the file size of all the zip folders if it isnt like 46something then you should re-download the screwed up ones. Also double check and make sure all the ones did actually download I have noticed that with 3 of them that I downloaded it and waited forever to finish just to find that it wasnt in my folder or anywhere on my computer and had to re-download it again. Make sure thats not the reasons for the unziping to work....I could be wrong tho the files could just be curropted i will find out in a bit tho....downloading the last one
  7. Yea everything but the oldschool would be very helpful. Thanks in advance
  8. Wow D you have seriously been helpful! Any chance you have any other PB's or any Rock Bangaz? I already got 1,2,3,4,6,7 of Rock Bangaz but any others would be greatly appreciated.
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