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  1. do you have a email i can hit you at
  2. DJ 5X

    A recent logo

    have much u charge email me getat5x@gmail.com
  3. DJ 5X

    Wheres my DJs at?

    DJ 5x San Diego Ca twitter.com/dj _5x
  4. DJ 5X

    Wheres my DJs at?

    West good DJ 5x Diego in the building Check out this new website for good deals on reviews and mixtape placement www.ucamm.com
  5. DJ 5X

    hello from germany

    yo what does that means
  6. DJ 5X

    hello from germany

    check out my mixapes on coast2coastmixtapes.com
  7. If u need your next mixtape host or if you looking 4 slots holla at your boy
  8. Lets network im from cali DJ 5x holla at me getat5x@gmail.com
  9. no fam i dont hit me at getat5x@gmail.com
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