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  1. Smh... History repeats until we make a change... We should not still have kids being bullied, we should not... https://t.co/83j7Ube0pF

  2. Bye Felicia... https://t.co/KRNlXnYwBD

  3. Where ya at? https://t.co/JqopeGJ8fQ

  4. Really! I have dj'd for these ppl 3Xs and we just realized we related...

  5. Y this dude just walked up and ate my fruit off my plate while Im djin, talking bout it's all good bro!" I know... http://t.co/uDYqnfYueH

  6. Gotta throw a Houseparty for my kids, all my nieces and nephews, and friends kids. Let them get wild for a... http://t.co/bGgLcRZs8k

  7. Sleepy, sore from working out, cold, at work and wanna go home and sleep, but I gotta get this papah so these... http://t.co/vlN2BQuWDD

  8. This is not how I pictured life, but I have to live it how HE planned it...

  9. It's not at all what you think it is or portrays to be... ~MY LIFE~

  10. That moment when you finally get home from a long day of work and night of djing, it's freezing and raining... http://t.co/1yt2GwPEOy

  11. I have to say, just because I'm a Dj, does not mean that I'm always having fun... Everybody might be dancing but I'm not on they level lol

  12. The Marquis bar & lounge... Is where u gonna b tonight with me!!!

  13. RT @midtownloungetx: @djamazing713 indmix tonight getting the party turnt up @themarquisbar!!! Its ALWAYS FREE!!! Come by and have a... htt…

  14. So much to pray about, don't want to get greedy, but HE knows my heart! Ready for change n so many ways...

  15. You know it's hot when, all I'm doing is spray painting a tennis court fence for 5 mins and I'm… http://t.co/Zhpyp9ly2W

  16. #AllWorkNoPlay Round this way, grindin like my cuz did! HAPPY BDAY TO MY BIG CUZ THE LATE GREAT LEGENDARY DJ... http://t.co/vl2ll4E2Ai

  17. Just cause you request a song, don't mean it's gone get played right then and there... Especially if you ain't... http://t.co/4bSUzaYjUy

  18. Dickinson, TX here we come... N tha MiXXX tonight! La Marque, TX n tha a.m.... #AllWorkNoPlay

  19. Rain down on me...

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