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  1. Big time banga I been pushing the fuck out of that at the charcoal lounge.
  2. upload to suck why everyone put stuff there ? what about rapidshare ?
  3. Bump +1 still giging with my gemini 15x's only use my 1000 mk3's for serato. I ain't Broke.
  4. yo! wats wrong Wit Gemini ? I have 1200's TT's for the record But I have Gemini 15x old skool cd players and a m1 mixer and can still rock da party of the planet.
  5. I am with you on that bro, I do too I still wear a analog watch and count the taps on the face for 15 seconds and multiply it by 4. lol Now dats Old Skool. But to be honest sound like the Traktor Box Have A better sound Than the sl-1. haven't used the sl-3 or sl-4 live yet but I am sure the sound inproved a lot.
  6. if I don't wanna lug 1200 and vinyl around, I pull out the Gemini 15x cd players and mx 1 mixer and still rock da party lol old dinosaurs but still work like champs old school dj's know what I am talking about. sometime you have to work with what you have before you.
  7. Real Digital DJ's use Serato 1.9.2 Then you don't have a choice but to really DJ. No Bells and whistles. The New Serato They can cheat now. I even see people Djing with studio software like ableton. Real Dj's use vinyl. I still buy vinyl once a week lol. But now cats are undercutting us and forcing us to convert to digital. But as far as Software Concern it's all the same nowadayz. Happy Djing. Practice and Enjoy.
  8. cool how did you make these ? I have songs I been trying ti do this with
  9. mr187


    back to the drawing board
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    dammit i knew this would happen should have used megaupload ......
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