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  1. Hey Greenhitz fam, I wanted to introduce myself to the forums. I've recently founded a service and product marketplace for the music industry. An artist can post projects that they need completed, and providers can bid for their business. You can also buy or sell music equipment, instruments, etc. It's free to post your profile, services, and goods. It was designed to provide opportunities for music industry professionals to grow their career and/or business. Check it out, create a profile, and get a feel for all of our features. We're preparing for our launch this month and I'd love to get your feedback on how we can improve the site to help artists build their careers more effectively. You may also view our commercial below for a clearer understanding of the benefits of our services and goals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDGFMtY2jFE Thanks and best of luck to everybody! Marlo Digimusicbids.com ===================================================== Whether you make music or just work with people who do, this is the place to: * hire professional help. * market your services. * buy or sell equipment. * connect with other industry pros. Whether what you need is across the globe or in your neighborhood, you can find it here. All in one place. And all without leaving your desktop. Digimusicbids.com "Artist services for the digital age"