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  1. this more of the same. he need to come different for me.
  2. This was on my top 50 playlist but don't know why it dropped. It's a cool concept for a song but I don't think it's gonna blow up like it can if they promoted it the right way. Here's my latest official spin chart via radiowavemonitor.com
  3. Thought I would share my charts here. Don't send me any music unless you are ready to get it official and have at least $150.00 to get it done. click it to enlarge. hit up www.dadecountyradio.com for chart info
  4. This track blowin up on radio already
  5. This is what BDS spins for online radio look like . Hit us up if you want some. We do charge a fee in order to setup your mp3 file for bds spins. It's cheap and worh the price. visit me at www.dadecountyradio.com for price info.
  6. this didn't survive the 10 second test ova here but it's a str8 track tho.
  7. sound a lot like Drake to me but it is what it is.
  8. Direct Link here. Juvee don't be on-line like that so get it here now and first. Download juvenile like uh huh (in these streets) mp3 We the only radio still in the hood. got plenty more hits DaOne Radio Miami or Lady Luck Radio aka "THA LUCK" 90.7 FM - Miami's Number #1 Underground Rap Station!!!!!!!!!!!
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