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  1. reminds me of the days of the "in my (insert a color) tee" stuff was popular out here in atl... boy those were the days right??? NOT!!!! song is ok... still havent heard the one that will make people remember the trap or die jeezy we all love when he owned the summer in 05-06... lose my mind is still his hottest joint right now
  2. yeah Tip might be one of the few southern kats that can sound well on an east coast track
  3. well the beat is bangin... T.I. aint slipping on the lyrics so far this joint is hot
  4. cot damn the fuggging files are deleted!!!! RE UP PLEASE
  5. omg I cant believe this song isnt deleted yet lmao.... but this joint is CODE!!!!! pretty good collabo production as well
  6. cot damn I cant find this song no where
  7. i mean damn this is actually decent....
  8. hmmmm this joint is fire IDK why dude said no lol
  9. really not trying to come at the up and coming like that seeing that Im still up and coming myself, but I see dudes beg the big time cats to rap on they beats and then turn around and sew them for advance money.... why???? you was hungry at first just looking for someone to bless ya beat with some nice lyrics then you stab them in the back??? just weird... the best way to make a come up is to work on something with people not on and once they break (if they arent snakes lol) they pull you in willings Im say stop begging for ops that rarely come to the people who are established
  10. its a shame that this joint did so well in the country to not get on metro area... got over 70,000 play on youtube more than all my remixes and other major placements we got... swazy is still young and doing it big so Im happy for um
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