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  1. #MatchMadness 3|26|16 https://t.co/eTZlc1zHKL

  2. Orange, Tx Next Saturday #ChocolateCity

  3. RT @OMGtrolls: My childhood ? https://t.co/NSSZ5oM85R

  4. RT @_iamthedoll: these hoes been sneaky

  5. Whatcha see is whatcha get

  6. “@KimKushStashian: “@DjMatchiz: @KimKushStashian can't stand yo ass” why” your voice

  7. Bag lady, you Gon hurt your back

  8. “@tru3_HOOPER5: @DjMatchiz @BlowBy5 True!!” They put these rookies on too high of a pedestal their first season and make em a starter

  9. Ever wonder why your bitch be looking funny while I'm DJ'n

  10. Hell has no fury like a woman's scorn

  11. I'm wearing glasses at night tonight, just because ion't want y'all to see my eyes at the end of the night

  12. “@AliceMaryjane_: My momma ass need to stop smoking! Cigarettes fcking stank!!!!!!!!” Buy her a box of blacks

  13. A Coward Dies A Thousand Times

  14. RT @_MARSEnt: I spit that fire and my dj keeps it hot @DjMatchiz #MARSent

  15. “@TMZ: Carmelo Anthony -- Don't Count On Me Joining the Lakers http://t.co/34hUiDdMvr” fck you to mello

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