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  1. can anyone post a copy of urban series that does not have copyright
  2. DiselD can you help me with this link? MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service i cant still download XMD 091, it says "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable". i've been trying it for weeks now. is there any chance that you can re-upload it for me?
  3. anyone can help me with this following XMD volumes? 009 011 012 020 027
  4. just check the file description before you download. i think all of em are just there.
  5. DieselD! i cant send messages anymore, i dont know why. thats why i cannot pm you anymore. i'm close completing all the volumes of the dance series. these are the last few ones left. 009 011 012 020 023 024 027 028 090
  6. ok, can't wait for the complete links! i've been searching this for a long time! thanks again DieselD!
  7. oh my god DieselD, youre the nicest i have ever met! you really help people like us. thank you so much for the effort uploading. by the way i am also missing these few XMU volumes. can you upload these for me too? thank you so much, we reallly appreciate it. 103 102 097 096 095 093 090 089 088 087 086 083 070 063 054 047 046 019 018 017 013 you already uploaded 89, but its volume 69 when you extract it.
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