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  1. trap as in Gucci Mane trap or Trap as in Flosstradamus EDM trap?
  2. Sup, Just looking for a new set of cans/earbuds that aren't too bass heavy. I'm NOT a fan of the dre Beats because of that, so what do ya'll use? I hear JBLs and Monster earbuds are nice and also I've heard that the JVC XX FX1X and FX3X earbuds are fire. But I'd like to hear feedback. What I'm looking for: - In-line microphone w/ play/pause controls ....... (next track or volume controls would be better) - Flat Wire cords or tangle-resistant cords - L-shaped cord jack.... but I don't mind the straight ones either - Decent sound, nothing too high end (good HIs, MIDs and LOWs - In-ear earbuds - Within $15 - $50 If a pair of earbuds even match 4 of these criteria, then that would be ideal!! Not looking to spend more than 50 dollars for the unit itself. Also good build quality would be preferred. Thanks. P.S. I own a set of the SONY MDR-V55 DJ headphones, which are on-ear headphones that produce amazing sound. Much better than the Beats Studios in my opinion. My review:
  3. drake's flow is good on this track. but lyrics are half good.
  4. first song I've actually liked from 2 Chainz and Big Sean. Drake be going hard all the time
  5. This is a work in progress beat. It's unfinished but its just a little preview. Mystical (unfinished beat produced by RayZor) Feedback is welcome. I will be adding more sound to this when I find the right sounds. Want mainstream instrumentals? Visit the signature!
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