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  1. Love how the video starts out in black and white, then the color fades in. Gloriousness!!
  2. This Shit is Nuclear!!!!! #JapanNoDisrespect
  3. Links for 17 and 19 are no good.
  4. This Up Is Nuclear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #JapanNoDisrespect
  5. Gloriousness To Crooklyn Clan
  6. yes Family!!! Dis Post here ah Gwaan Nuclear!!!!!! #JapanNoDisrespect!
  7. WOWOW!!!! Come on guys.....you gotta read these damn contracts....wording is very important!! I personally believe the industry would be alot better if the old school guys didn't get ripped off so badly.
  8. WOW!!! DJ Jhay Whun needs that. Music will never die.....consumers Need Us!!! LMAO!!! fiberoptical1@gmail.com
  9. This Post Is Fucking Nuclear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The link for the first one is no good.
  11. BkngAgnt

    hot effects

    DJ Jhay whun Needs That Link Sharpish!! LOL!!! thanks in advance.
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