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  1. straight Fire, I've been lookin' for a CDQ version!!!
  2. The main version is definitely a nice smash, nevertheless I prefer the Remix with Jermaine Dupri!!!
  3. As the name of the track says...this song is a MONSTER!!!!
  4. This one is off da hook!!! BIG UP DIDDY!!! VIOLATOR ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Definitely a hot street-smash from T.I., he knows how to kick a hot performance!!! BIG UP
  6. Cool Line-Up, didn't expect Pill on the song! PRopz a lotta for YUNG LA
  7. Sick street-smash from Gucci!!!! I've been lookin' for tha shoutless version, Thx
  8. Not their best record, but alright....
  9. Definitely a hot smash,. but quality is bad....does anybody have a mastered Version of this song?????
  10. Good One!!! Nice R&b stuff from Ne-Yo!!! There's also a Remix with Rick Ross, I prefer that Remix!!!
  11. The song is hot!!! Sean Kingston knows how to bring the heat and he got Nicki Minaj on the track, she's a total hit-guarantee right now!!! BIG UP
  12. hot R&B joint!! Lyfe got this thuggish swagger, love it!!!
  13. This track gonna be huge, Gucci knows how to kick a cool performance! Also good work from Swizz Beatz, he knows how to arrange hits!!!!
  14. Definitely a big hit right now, especially the Remix is bangin'!!!!
  15. straight fire! I think Plies is comin' up with a very hot album....
  16. bangin' song, gucci kills it! The Video is hot mayne
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