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  1. dude...you used to be good. now you gives links to year old shit. sucks
  2. ^^you gotta be a dirt nasty fan to enjoy this lol. The guy is a legend
  3. Dirt Nasty ft. LMFAO - I Can't Dance Hulkshare.com Dirt Nasty ft. LMFAO - I Can't Dance.mp3
  4. Filip Filipi - Slav Hulkshare.com Filip Filipi - Slav [wegotitfirst.com].mp3
  5. usershare is down as always... use www.vaultshare.com re-up plz
  6. whats up with all this old stuff? over a year old too btw...
  7. usershare down... use www.vaultshare.com they pay better than usershare the track is old btw...
  8. this is old..very old... and yeah link down...usershare is down as always... use www.vaultshare.com
  9. Tired of usershare going down all the time? stripping your points so you can't get paid when you thought you would... I've been looking for alternatives to usershare for a while now and I've found the best option... www.vaultshare.com that site goes fast! when I download a file hosted on that site... damn... I go over 700kb/s! I've seen a few other good alternatives..but vaultshare is by far the best yet.
  10. that shit is not new and ugotfile is fuckin gay
  11. Download Here: Gabriel Antonio - Gettin' Money Hulkshare.com Gabriel Antonio - Gettin' Money [wegotitfirst.com].mp3
  12. Download here: Gabriel Antonio - Dancing For Money
  13. Download Here: Gabriel Antonio - Ice Cream
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