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    Twista Presents... Showtime Ft. Twista - Chuck Norris


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    Showtime looks to elevate the rap game with dynamic style. Representing Twista’s GMG label, he is an ambitious newcomer in the music industry. Born on July 13th 1988 in Harvey, IL, Showtime grew up humbly in the hood. In school during his music class, Show exhibited a natural skill in lyricism. It was undeniable to Showtime’s teachers and other students that his talent would elevate him to success. Inevitability, he honed his craft and made the effort to pursue a career in music with the support of family, friends and other Harvey based artists. He reveals, “In Harvey everybody shows everybody love. They push you cause’ everybody wants to see somebody out of Harvey make it…Harvey is what brought me here and raised me”. Fortunately, Showtime has come a long way since he started writing songs in 1998.

    May 2010 saw the release of the GMG distributed mixtape by Showtime Rookie of Da Year. The mixtape showcases his clever lyrical ability impressively over innovative and gritty beats. Show flows over the hard funhouse funk on the track “Get Yo Prize”, robotic bass of “Superhero” and speaker banging “What more can I say”. He has collaborated with Chicago superstars Ben One, Dude N Nem, Phoenix Phenom, as well as, Sly Polaroid, Currensy, Xcel, Butter Pro, Fedarro Noel, 3 Piece, and Lil Wish. Recently, his track “Homerun” featuring J Sqruipt is played on major radio stations across the country. Show wants to provide for his family and look out for those people who had his back. “I’m doing for others, what they tried to do for me when I didn't have nothing. I’m making everyone's life better that made mine's better. That's what drives me”, he confesses.

    Fast forward to 2011, Showtime has established himself as a charismatic and inspired artist. He says, “I'm the best thing coming out of Chicago in 2011…My style is different: it’s not typical. I make music for the times. I can make a love song, I can make a dance song, or I can go street…I can take a line and flip it better ". With his creative comes an intense drive to prosper. He wants to obtain platinum plaques in album, digital download and ringtone sales; a mission he wants to accomplish at GMG. Being a member of the GMG label, Show has learned to be grateful from his label mates and was taught how to be the best by Twista. “I’m working with one of the top five best rappers alive…Everything he has told me has shown itself true”, Showtime explains.

    Currently, Showtime is working on his anticipated debut album. The record is set for an April release date and features Twista along with other GMG artists. Show believes hard work is necessary because success is limitless. His goal is to be on the charts with his GMG family and put the rap game on lock in Chicago. He contemplates his career and states, "It couldn't went any better. I got with Twista and he groomed me to be the best artist possible." Being mindful of that, Showtime strives to reach the top and certify his place as a significant Chicago musician. "My impact on the music industry is that I want to be on top of everything. I want to expand what I'm doing. I want to be on the top ten”; Show responds. In his track “Dead Wrong”, he spits “Niggas, bitches, ho, slut, player-haters/ You don’t get no better than Show/ I’m a creative player”. With a record deal with one of the prominent independent labels in hip hop, and tutorage from the legendary Twista; Showtime not only sings it; he brings it. Look out for the arrival of Showtime in 2011.

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