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Low Deezie - She Can Get It

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New single

Low Deezie -"She Can Get It"

Producer: j heaven


91 bps



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LowDeezie is a certified lyricist hailing out of the Highland Hills area( a well-known neighborhood in Oak Cliff, which is located on the southeast side of Dallas, TX ). He is one of the hardest spitting dudes in the Big D, due to his rugged delivery, clever wordplay, & his flamboyant street swagger.

Critics believe that the standard of the industry is currently watered down since the South has dominated the game. But the whole realistic vibe that LowDeezie brings to the table rekindles the spirit of the old Southern Hip-Hop era that in the beginning didn't get mainstream exposure such as artists like Scarface, Big Mike, 8ball & MJG, Outkast, UGK, Mr. Mike, Fat Pat, & many more.

LowDeezie started out rapping at the age of 11 and found his passion in writing music, He took his education very serious by understanding the importance of literature,grammar, and speech which allowed him to enforce his flamboyant word play. Being From Highland Hills, Tx, life hasnt always been easy, but having a strong religious background has all ways allowed him to understand the importance of having faith and apprreciating the trials and setbacks that he has faced while growing up in that area. While in attendence at A. Maceo Smith high school LowDeezie often had his hallway shows while students were switching class. From staff to students they gathered around him daily to listen to what he had to say lyrically. Influenced by the lost of childhood friend and local artist “N.I.C.” caused him to take his rap career very serious by promising his late friend that he would put a platinum plaque on the wall for him. LowDeezie had a strong fan base throughout his school which eventually grew to the streets which he then released several mixtapes into the streets such as( Aces, Highland Hills Slim, and the Vault). These mixtapes in turn garnered LowDeezie’s fan bases throughout areas such as East Texas, West Texas, South Texas, and parts of the Midwest.

Fast forward to 2009 while performing at the “Dallas Explosion” LowDeezie’s explosive performance and talent caught the attention of well-Known Definition d.j; Dj E-Rock and industry guru Chris “peanut” Marbury formally the manager of “Ricochet” who had the hit single “Clean as a Whistle” which hit radio charts. From there, LowDeezie’s independent label P.M.G(Profit Money Getters), teamed up with Dj E-Rock and Peanut’s company C.M.G (Certified Music Group) to promote and break LowDeezies’s new single “She can get it” which is the new hot club banger for 2010 that caters to the women’s zodiac signs and sexy statures. The song is already bubbling in the Dallas Metroplex area in clubs such as Level 5(formaly DMX), Club 2026, Club Loss Society, Club Beamers, Club Chrome, and a host of the hottest exotic clubs in Dallas, Tx. The song is also gaining attention in clubs throughout other cities in Texas and throughout cities of the Midwest. With this type of momentum, and support group, LowDeezie is in line to be the next major artist to be part of the Dallas Movement, with all but Profit Money on his mind.

Adrian "LowDeezie" Brown


214 256 0571




Milton "Scoota Mac" Flemmings



214 951 6254

Jerrold "j-Rich" Richardson



214 274 8579

214 271 5119

Jonathan "j-heaven" Edwards




facebook.com/jonathan edwards

214 440 7441

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