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    High school drop out, had to hustle, worked jobs as a auto technician, PA system engineering, trash guy at a dealership, actor, rapper, then I went back to school at 22-23 and combined 150 college credits in Majoring in psychology but strong in the hard sciences, with a passion for weed an you got J23 , in pursuit of Law school, but by shitty luck my school messed up my graduation date, so the school I was waitlisted At said no. but I had not been focused on studying for the LSATs. My focus has become writing lyrics, and working with a variety of producers to create hits; not only for myself but for my homies who are the other members of OME aka Open Minded Entertainment & Productions LLC.
    Open Minded Entertainment & Productions LLC., began as an idea Jesse N Davis Came up with and then which was emphasized and elaborated on partly by Tolu, who assists with OME’s Web Operations department, Tolu (producer & rapper) in a class room, to create a way in the Rap game; and then open it up as a possibility for other skilled local artists. Jesse found out he could sing, after going through the entire process of legal work on his own, continued to distribute his song on his own through his self funded OME, and it ended up in 3 million Soundcloud views on His first Single. Initially a strictly baltimore operation, now we have alliances and relationships with several Major Producers and Labels, however, OME is an independent and internationally recognized organization, by way of the OME collective of artists, (Jesse J23 Davis, Ty Marley, 220 Stacks) and the groups ties to MawkdaHulk at Grind City Records aka Grind City Productions in Las Vegas, www.trapmansion.com in Baltimore, Frequent Shows and Web support in Miami, Multiple A grade Producers and Studios Los Angelos, NYC, Germany, Spain, and Sweden. Open Minded Entertainment & Productions is constantly looking for hot talent, from actors to rappers, if we can’t help you (we can) we can still send you to somebody better than “The guy your friend knows”; thats 100.
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    Rap, Rapper soufflé, Rappers (with or without the wrapper), I eat rappers.

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