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    DJ Flash has occupied the entertainment industry for over twenty years.  A product of humble beginnings, his passion for music is what introduced him to spinning. 
    Carrying crates of records to events for other DJs' that he met while working in the industry is where it all began.  Attending various events, networking with local promoters in the Chicagoland area, and watching the music come to life by the DJ on the turntables was priceless.  DJ Flash was slowly in the making, while attempting to learn the art of spinning. 
    As an apprentice to the infamous DJ Bass and Tha DJ Hi-Speed, his musical influences crossed countless genres.  DJ Flash became most known for his timeless mixes of Hip Hop, R&B, and House music.  Pillow Talk Volumes 1 and 2, a compilation of R&B slow cut hits debuted as the first mixtape release by DJ Flash.  Connecting with DJ Funk and DJ Jamming Gerald was influential when it came to laying down some of the hottest House tracks, which many of their followers trend about. 
    DJ Flash has been a resident DJ at venues across Chicago, Illinois.  Learning on turntables and  graduating to controllers, his days of spinning for a crowd of 20 grew to hundreds which he experienced at the Out of The House Music Festival in May 2014, in Kirkland, Illinois.  He is booked for weddings, parties, and many other social events in the Midwest when he is not in the Lab creating new mixes. 
    In September 2014, he joined The Blok Club DJ's Inc. a DJ crew consisting of  the hottest DJs from across the country. In 2015 DJ Flash began showcasing his talents as a Mix Show DJ on Logik Radio, a Chicago based internet radio station. While on Logik Radio DJ Flash grown popularity with his Three O’clock Throw Down and After Dark Mix Shows. Along with this he also had slots on Truth Talk Show Network Radio with The Blok Club Party and World of DJ’s talk shows.  He currently works at 106.3 FM (Crawford Broadcasting / 106.3 Chicago’s R&B) DJ Flash started out on "The Basement"  as a guest mixer and through his consistency and hard work, he is now a Featured DJ on "The Morning Mixtape" with Mike Love at 6am Mon-Fri with a Morning Drive Mix. 

    Follow DJ  Flash across his social media platforms:
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DJFLASH357
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/dj_flash357/
    FB: http://facebook.com/djflash357
    Website: http://djflash357.com

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