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    Andrius born in Lithuania in 1983. He started to sing at the age of 6 in a choir called "Nightingale" in Jurbarkas (Lithuania). After seven years he moved to a boys choir which was directed by D.Fox.
    At the age of 15 he got his first guitar and started to be interested in composing and writing music.
    Soon after he created a band called "No Hero". After a year of palying in schools and local parties Andrius finished school and moved to Vilnius to study history. Anyways, he didn't forget music and after a reasearch in local music scene he established a new band called "Hetero", In 2006 this band won EuroRock contest for underground bands and had a great experience going in a van around the Europe for concerts and jam sessions.
    His solo career in pop music has started in Ireland were he lived for one year.
    "Astuoni" was his debut album. The album has 8 tracks in lithuanian. It is a trubute to his native language and a good representation of musical and poetic study. "Astuoni "was recorder in Massive Arts Studios, Milan, in 2012. The first single "Traukiniai" arrived in Lithuanian Top 20 and video was shown in National TV.
    In December 2013 Andrius won the selection of the "Eurovision Song Contest" in Lithuania and He reach the final of the Eurovision in Malmo (Sweden) in May 2013.
    At the momAndrius is living in United Kongdom Lincoln and working on his second album "Eighty-eight" which is going to be in English. It is a cathy and intresting experience for Andrius to share his music with the wider audience.

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