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    Underground is the New Mainstream, and 2014 can only get greater and greater, especially with today's greats still in their prime, and paving the way for New Acts reaching high for the industry and blessing the Mixtape and Internet Radio scene. Only a select few names can grace the Barber Shop Hip Hop Addicts mouths without the snickers and cold stares from New York Rap Junkies. Among those; Underground Bad Boy MIIAMI MEDINA has made a name for himself in the Underground scene with his bouncy flow and simple yet clever wordplay. "I watch legends like Stack Bundlez [RIP] put they all into this s*** as notable characters, you can feel they pain in they flow. I feed off that type of energy." He says in 2013 interview with Bollyhood Magazine. He adds, "I plan on making mad power moves in the near future and work with more artists outside my loop and get my brand poppin..." You can find MIIAMI on a series of Mixtapes swarming the streets like Wildfire. Check him out

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