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    BlackCaesarX aka Romero

    Raised in The Bronx, New York, Carlos grew up during the civil rights era of the 60's and strangely enough, the gangs in his native "Edenwald" projects were interracial. Education took him from The Bronx, through Brooklyn, where he attended the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School. He traveled through the South Bronx during the tumultuous late 70's, when the South Bronx was burning and where Hip Hop was being born.
    These elements are what have come to define his explosive chameleon like style. Music is his talent also, playing the electric bass guitar; Carlos was Avant Garde in that respect too. As a concept he auditioned to play bass on live sets with rappers and DJ's, to add a heavy low frequency bass, that is now popular to live sessions around 1982 for Afrika Bambaataa, but was not realized as Bambaataa believed the studio bass was enough and was going more technical.
    Carlos now lives with his two children in Greenville, North Carolina. Carlos studied art at Pratt Institute in NYC. He has created everything from book covers for the Ikologiks organization, to designing a trophy case for a WPA Art Deco, Hansborough Recreation Center Bathhouse in Harlem to mounting art shows at The Studio Museum of Harlem. The prestigious Italian A.D.A. Silver Award was given to the artist for creating a peculiar ability to display his art on the Carlos L Romero.com, at the same time teaching the general public about art with smooth composition and good taste. Catalina Lassi Team Leader of the A.D.A. describes the potential of introducing Carlos’ peculiar shapes of his work in the sumptuous world of art. His focus is producing collaborative works of music and art.
    A.D.A. (Advertising - Design - Art) AWARD
    With a score of 82 points, we will assign the A.D.A SILVER AWARD!

    Carlos L Romero brought to us his Web site in a very ingenious way.

    This Web site is a personal one, however the author had the ability to create a peculiar way to shows his work and, at the same time, to teach general public something more about Art.

    With a smooth composition, an original structure and a great portion of good taste Carlos L Romero introduces the observer in the peculiar shapes of his works and in the sumptuous world of the Art.

    A excellent Web site to be seen carefully.
    Catarina Lassi

    Team Manager
    for A.D.A. (Advertising - Design - Art) AWARD

    W.A.R.I. 1.0
    F.R.I. 2.0
    A.B.A.M. 2.5
    A.W.A.R.D. 3.0
    Carlos currently operates an art website at ikohaus.blogspot.com and a music site at www.iko.haus along with a World Wide net video stream

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