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    Ke’Shay Love just plain ol’ loves to sing. Bigger than her love for singing is her love of performing and a full blown entertainer she is. Her foundation, like many of the greats, is rooted in the church; stirring up the spirit with her booming voice.
    During adolescence Ke’Shay broke off into dance, putting her sincere passion on pause. Fortunately, when you’re absolutely born to do something, you can never stay on pause for too long.

    The Ke’Shay Love sound is a combination of the Soul of R&B with the energy of Pop. For her it’s less about the song and more about the show and just one taste of her showmanship affirms her title as an entertainer. She’s also a Thespian sharing all of her amazing gifts visually on the big screen as well as television productions from California to Atlanta.

    Her Album, Love Evolved, was released March 2018. It’s literally a culmination of her life experiences, but don’t expect to hear any sad male bashing songs. The majority of her songs are about how to love and evolve in the process good or bad. You can currently find the album in all digital outlets. Her music is all about the empowerment of women and teaching them to find the lesson in every love, in every experience.
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