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    Introducing your new favorite rapper, JaySun Born.
    Born in Jamaica Queens New York, now residing in Vero Beach Florida,and rightfully so cause his bars are just as hot as the concrete during a Florida summer.
    Rapping always came easy to him, but the streets were a much bigger priority at the time. But soon enough the streets led him into facing a 2-4 year sentence in prison. Making the best of a bad situation Jay began writing raps, and taking his talent a lot more seriously. This was definitely the place for it, there were Hundreds of hungry thugs in here that knew how to spit. He won battle after battle sharpening his sword a little more everyday.
    Nowadays Jay has turned in the street life for a mic and hes running threw the mix-tape scene with killer punchlines, hypnotizing hooks,and a precise delivery. From the ladies favorite "Thats my chick' to the hood classic "Sweet Sicksteen" JaySun definitely is headed to the top.
    If he isn't your favorite rapper yet just give it a second!!!!!

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