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  • Birthday 11/17/1996

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    Houston,Texas originally from Linden,New Jersey
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    Sports, Rapping, Music, Women, and Marijuana
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    I'm a 16 year old rapper. I do normal teen stuff, I smoke lots of weed when i have the money. I play football and Basketball for Lee High School in Houston,Texas. I am very well educated and i plan on finishing high school and going to college in hopes of making my writing and rapping better and more intelligent. You can contact me on Facebook : Elvio E. Mancebo or on Twitter: Kid_Jerz. You can also contact me on yahoo : elvioe.mancebo@yahoo.com.
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    Same as listed above

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  1. Are you high sir? Yea i'm high bro smokin like i am @wizkhalifa since i was only 10 years old

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