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    Born as James Barnes, Jr. August 2, 1986. JB DA FATBOI, come from a small town Boston, Ga better known as Boss Citi. JB DA FATBOI, enter the music scene after he was shot late 2011, as he started writing music during his time of recovery. Later in 2012, he release his first mixtape project Unfinished Business, following The Phacts of Life Installments part 1 in 2013, part 2 of the series was released in 2015. In between that time, JB DA FATBOI sign a distribution deal with Tunecore and joined Bangland Entertainment. Released a few singles worldwide, working with producer DJ Seip with hit singles "Lemme See" and "German Friendz". JB DA FATBOI recently release his new mixtape titled J.U.N. [The Premiere], which is a preview of his album that will be release late of 2016.

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