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    baltimore, md
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    dj/ producing house and jungle
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    BOOKING CONTACT AMY O'CONNELL @ 888-668-7718, ext. 201
    Merc, is a Baltimore-based House Producer/DJ who integrates elements of House, D&B, and Dubstep into his incomparable and mercurial mixing style. Merc also began his love of Electronic Dance Music in '93 and started spinning Jungle/Drum & Bass in '96. He soon started doing parties and shows along with the One Eye Crew. He was consistantly putting together new sets and mixtapes/cds. Merc began to dabble in House and made a name for himself unleashing high powered House and Jackin' House sounds all throughout the clubs in Baltimore and it's surrounding areas. In 2005 Merc started the internet radio show Funked Up Fridays on www.stressfactor.co.uk. Merc has produced many Drum & Bass and House tracks and remixes including "Remember When", "Rehab Junglist", and "Heartbeat (Merc Remix) by Nneka". In 2009 Merc reunited with J.Milly performing as individuals at numerous clubs and parties and on the radio show. Having extensively traveled the world courtesy of the U.S. Army, his exposure to various cultures has significantly influenced and shaped his world, naturally flowing into his music. While stationed at Ft. Campbell in KY, Merc's unique sound garnered accolades and earned him a residency at Excess & Orbit in nearby Nashville TN. After a debilitating injury sustain while serving in Iraq , Merc was sent back home where he threw himself head long back into serious mixing. In 2007 he met DJ Identity and they formed IDproductions. He now left Idproductions and started his own productions and is working on his tracks and remixes. . Don't miss Merc making his mark in a town near you!
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    making phat beats that move your feet

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