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    Schenectady NY
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    Daniel Aydlott, a.k.a. Sour D, is a sixteen year old artist living in Upstate New York. For many years he has lived a difficult life. Between his parents’ harsh divorce and losing their home, to being the man of the house at a young age, he has grown mentally and physically stronger. In dark times, music is the one
    thing that he can turn to for stability. It takes him to a place where he is able to express his emotions with each stroke of his pen. He has persisted and over the years has gotten smarter and stronger in the game. His lyrical messages range from inspirational and motivational, to angry and dark, to that “go get um” vibe.Sour D instills all his raw emotions into his rhymes. Currently, he aspires to be known as “The Kid Who Did It”. He has fought through raw reality and came through strong. He wants people to know his story so that they might find inspiration and direction through their own hardships. He is willing to walk the longest road to accomplish his dreams. His fire for music burns hard in his heart and it will not fade. It will light the way. Along with expressing himself creatively as an individual, Sour D is always seeking the opportunity to meet new artists, share ideas, and learn new techniques. His mission statement is this. “No matter the cost, no matter the trouble, I will arrive”. This is Sour D!
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    Making dope music.

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