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    EP I.V. The Wiseman born Eugene Patrick  Bryant IV,  is a California-based American Rap Artist.   EP I.V.  was born in the hard streets of Inglewood Ca in Los Angeles, but raised in Sacramento California. Big Nugget or EP I.V. THE WISEMAN discovered his passion for music at an early age and used music as an outlet to escape crime and gang violence..I grew up listening to Run Dmc, Fat Boys, NWA, ETC..  EP I.V.  has recorded and featured on several projects collaborating with the likes of Money Tee, J-Ali, Eleven, Emoe, and Bigg Mann & lots More.  EP I.V. is best known for his song SAC VS 916 (WHATS BEEF) & My hit single "On Candy" feat, J-Ali.. which received national radio play and climbed the charts on several social media sites. I've performed over 200 different shows throughout the Northern California area to the Bay Area all the way to southern California as far as Los Angeles to Vegas I even had a few shows down south from Oklahoma city to Dallas and Texas.. But I'm known for doing alot of performances in my town The Capital City Sacramento Cali.. I've recorded over 300 songs and features and climbing.. My style of music is mostly Gangsta Rap with an old school hip hop vibe to it mixing the two together brings out the best in me as an artist.. I have a Mixtape called I JUST WANNA RAP making some noise in the streets and in the UK.. My INTICIPATED Album "THE I.V.th HOUR" My latest singles that's making its way through out the Industry THEY GONE KNOW ABOUT ME AND WALK2IT will make you a fan of my music.   DIRTEEROYALTY MUSIC GROUP/IVTH GENERATION MUSIC!!
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