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  1. Fatt - Roll One For The DJ

    Roll one for the dj. Finally someone looks out for us lol
  2. Tyga Ft. Lil Wayne & Meek Mill - Good Day

    dont like it to much but the clubs will love it. thx
  3. DJ Holiday Ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Wiz Khalifa - Miley

    Sounds like a nice club banger...Propz
  4. Mario Ft. Nicki Minaj - Somebody Else

    love this song
  5. Mario Ft. Nicki Minaj - Somebody Else

    Love this song
  6. Pink Bitchh - Cut The Check

    Nice cub banger but all this molly and lean talk is gettin old now
  7. Meek Mill - Levels (Produced by Cardo)

    Def need this for the clubs
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  10. Happy new years eve.... Got two rolled up on the way to the city congrats @KiddThaBum .... It's going down at nv tonight


  12. “@Albeezy859: TOB PARTY GOING H.A.M TONITE.”

  13. Tob reunion party tonight at club La Dj Ace ob the 1s n 2s

  14. Outside at this kappa party line pretty long

  15. Welp them boys aint want throw no hp but im bouta get high tonight

  16. Daq on deck game at 10 then its party time

  17. Happy b day to me...goin snatch a gar n a daq #early

  18. Hmm should we do this house party n hammond tonight

  19. What u doin? Bullshittin'

  20. Phone on 4% n I'm n here till 225 bummer

  21. wats good yall.....

  22. All yall rappers need beats FWM new beat pumped up kicks http://t.co/tyePIfy