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  1. Efforts wasted, unappreciated.

  2. Leo got his Oscars!

  3. Today stats: One follower, No unfollowers and followed 10 people via http://t.co/5D6JLei2M5

  4. hi sinong online? hahah bagong cover :S

  5. Waaah!! narelease na pala?! kahapon pa? yay!! ganda ng MV ng troublemaker- now!!

  6. hey @AstroEnriquez followback please! :D thanks

  7. RT I hope you enjoyed watching us! Haha! thanks again @vicegandako for having us! - Oo naman specially sa modelling part

  8. Thank you talaga kina at @nowehh at @juzztinkyle!

  9. ♫ hi just uploaded something - https://t.co/QDnfwrterT (via @Twitmusic)

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