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  1. RT @DigitalDJPool: A DJ is only as strong as his or her tracks. Agree? https://t.co/a5df2idkcE

  2. in a bed with a women with no ass is not right how is a man supposed to feel comfortable....

  3. girl your love is like wild fire spreading all over the world......

  4. j cole tickets i got them loool i got a few loool

  5. daddy dutties now with amarley i do love my team.... lets get this started

  6. RT @ketaa_xoxo: Everything u do in life is a choice. U did it. So learn from it. Some people don't learn. It comes with consequences

  7. Some time it is ok to be deep in thought like iam now.... wishing and hoping and smiling feeling content.... time will tell what happens

  8. looking for music and i come across pictures memorys that will never disappear...

  9. i wonder what it would feel like to be short im thinking hard.....

  10. listening to kaion and darnell on fresh fm now http://t.co/ZQ0uvVXsdW

  11. playing drake ft jhene aiko from time big tune my favourite track on fresh fm now http://t.co/ZQ0uvVXsdW last 15min

  12. if you love dancehall retweet it now http://t.co/ZQ0uvVXsdW dancehall time now .....

  13. i love my breakfast show i do and my topics hot bham fresh leeds http://t.co/ZQ0uvVXsdW

  14. Im drained i need a boost of energy right now and it is no joke.....

  15. Big up all who was listening to me on fresh fm leeds and hot 92 bham show with no talking straight juggling now it time fi rest up 3:42am

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