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    Song Writing / Producing / Engineering / Playing Piano & Drums / Clubbing / Drinking / Partying / Smoking /
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    Birth Name - Willie Benjamin Peters, III
    Born - May 2, 1987 (age 26) Bogalusa, Louisiana USA
    Origin - Angie, Louisiana USA
    Genres - Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Classical, Rap, Soul, Funk, Techno, House, Dub Step
    Occupations - Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter & Producer
    - I also film and shoot videos and edit videos
    Instruments - Vocals, piano, keyboard, organ, percussion, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba
    Years Active - 2001 to Present
    Labels - Fuel ENT & Clover G Records
    Currently - Independant
    Associated Acts - Loonie Tunez Beat Squad, Lil Flip, Lil O, Young Problems, Brian Angel
    -First I wanna give thanks to God for allowing me this oppurtiny. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
    Willie "Willie P" Peters, III has always been involved in musical activities which began in my early childhood by playing drums in church. My grandmother used to take me to every church in town and she would have me play the drums during service. I was like 10 at the time, really young, and all i could remember is the faces that people made when they saw and heard me playing! "Look at this little kid with all this talent!" My skills got better as I got older because I practiced on my craft a lot. Once I got in 6th grade I joined the Varnado High School Marching Band directed by James Griffen. My cousin, Frank, had told Mr. Griffen a lot about me before me joining the band. And once I met Mr. Griffen I sat down with him and gave a brief rundown of my percussion experience. He immediately put me on cymbals because I wasn't big enough to carry the snare drum. But I told him I could handle it because I really wanted to play the snare drum! I only spent 1 year in the percussion section, during my 7th & 8th grade year I moved over to the Baritone. My 9th-12th grade year I played the Tuba. I was always that kid in the band who tried to play every instrument, eager to see what it sounded like or how it operated. But it was more music involved with a horn verses percussion, in my opinion. And that is when I learned how to read music. Learning the difference between a Treble Clef and Bass Clef symbol, learning the importance of tone quality verses playing LOUD and with NO BALANCE. And also learning about quarter notes, half notes, rests, measures, bars, tempo, different fingerings and how to position my lips to get a good sound from my horn. I wanted to further my musical talent. I felt as if I was missing something. The Piano! I used to press the keys and play by ear before i learned how to read music. I didn't know anything about a chord, or sustain, or dynamics or any of that! So my aunt gave me a little casio keyboard and I would practice and learn about the notes and what they meant. It was much more difficult than playing the snare drum or a horn! As my piano skills increased, I began to learn different songs on the radio and play them on the piano for my friends at school. It would be karaoke everyday during lunch hour in the choir room! The first song I ever learned on the keys was "I Wish" by Carl Thomas. Once my band director, Mr. Griffen, heard me play it he told me to learn the whole song as an assignment. So I did, and from there, I began to learn more songs for the school chorus and my personal use. I also would make beats and write musical arrangements on this music program called "Midi Soft Studio LE". Not only did this program allow me to make beats, but it also allowed me to compose music and marching band arrangements for my school. I later started making beats for my friends and also sold beats as well. Getting paid was kool back then because I didn't have any bills, and I felt like a super star producer because I was helping my friends with their rap career. After graduating High School in 2005 I continued my studies at Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I majored in music education and I marched in the Southern University "Human Jukebox" Marching Band. I stopped producing for a while to focus on school and marching band. I still made a few tracks here and there but it wasn't a lot.

    The Start of My Music Career
    In January 2010 I started working for Fuel Entertainment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I produced and written for River Smith, Chantelle Mouton, Brianna, Benji B, & JLT 3. I also created a Rap Group called Fuel 42. The members consisted of myself, Jae'Gary, Bearweezy, Chippa Got Paper, Stanley, Dub D, Scottie. I also plan to get us all back together to do future projects.
    In the middle of the year I linked back up with Bad Habit Entertainment where I produced and engineered records for Smoov De La Crim, V Nice, Dice, Rasheed, Smoak, & FED Marciano. I had a lot of help from my close friend Marcus (Tha Bank Boy). We later on became a production team and we were given the name "WillieBanx". I've also produced and written for Rockell, she has many hits such as "In A Dream". Shortly after me and Platinum selling recording artist "Lil Flip" met each other and immediately started working on various styles of music. Flip told me, "I'm looking for a new sound bro I want guitars and live instruments I don't want just a basic 808 and snare on a loop". I was like cool lets do it… David Crayton was with there too and he and Flip both were blown away by my musical talent.
    By 2012 I've produced and written many songs upon working with Lil Flip…

    Young Problems, Lil O, Point Blank, Pootsy Lee, Skit, Oso Hollywood, Tyme, President Kane, Rose Marie, Boy D, Buddha, FYM 396, Brian Angel of Day 26, Bri, DJ Big Redd of Swisha House, Felony, Big Pokey, Chri-Sko, Frazier Boy ENT, T Wrecks, Bubba, Queen Dom, Lavish Ladys, Da Princess, Martel, Young Bleed, Baby Savage, H-Town, Amir, Purple K Beatz, Syntinnio Dirk Williams, Tha Faktory, J-Step, Karma, Stefanie Mesa, Caspo, AlexFaith, Derrick "SupaUnit", Loonie Tunez Beat Squad, Lil Flip, V Nice, Rasheed, Shepp Dog, G-Style, King Coupe, ThaFaktory

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