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    Philly native and Hip Hop Recording Artist *Nempho*credits both his fathers love of Music and his cousin Troy who introduced *Nempho*to songwriting and recording, for giving him the solid foundation he needed to make it possible to do what he was meant to do.
    Although inspired by The Notorious BIG aka Biggie and Jay Z his brother who was feat on Philly's own *Jill Scotts* album and his cousin Troy was *Nemphos*biggest influences.*Nemphos* first recording "Dreams" feat his brother Ali was the spark that set the wheels in motion.*Nempho's* Life took a tragic turn in 2006 when the Love of his Life, wife to be, and mother of their son lost her battle with "Sickle Cell Anemia "and after suffering the tragic loss *Nempho* aka Mark Irvin who was now left to raise their son wrote and recorded "Where Did You Go?"which earned him several songwriting awards.
    Grieving and having a hard time overcoming the loss of his Love he took the opportunity to travel south to start a new life for him and his son. Now a single Parent living in Fayetteville NC it was not long before *Nempho* began recording and taking it to the stage during his Mini Tour to promote his single and his new label "Reel Musack Entertainment *Nempho* gained strong followers in Raleigh, Greensboro, and Highpoint NC.
    The meaning:*Nempho* symbolizes his addiction to songwriting, recording, and performing live. Like an Addict,*Nempho* craves everything about music.
    *Nempho* represents the true meaning of hip hop and through his music he maintains Hip Hop integrity.

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