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    From Ohio--- ta Oregon
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    Getting My Voice heard. Period
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    I am a 23 year old United States Marine. But before the military I was living in Oregon with a foster family I met in Ohio. I am the oldest of my mothers children (3) and the second older of my Dad's.(11) I grew up in Canton, Ohio. My musical influences come from non other than the Hip Hop pioneers and my generations best. LL Cool J, Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, etc. Growing up in the system due to my mothers addictions I listened to PAC often. I admired his soul and his militant mind all at once, to be a lion and a lamb at both times. I've been expelled twice, been to at least 10 foster homes, 5middle Schools &5 high schools. I found my voice just expressing the pain of what I felt was abandonment and love lost. At 16 I attended a foster forum where I rapped about life and the system. Someone recorded this and uploaded it to YouTube and it was my first musical breakthrough being flown out to Waikiki to perform for a man who'd seen it and was hosting a talent gig for talented foster youth. My name was J-Starks because my first name is Jeremie and I'm from Stark County. Then it was Fosterboy to represent my struggle, then Vessel as I leaned toward a more spiritual message. And now I go by the name of Collage because it states that I am many things, all my pervious names, all my truest characteristics, and experiences as an Art form, a Collage.
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    Basketball, Family, reading books and writing songs. Prayer

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