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    The Biography of Skrilla Deville

    Skrilla Deville began her musical adventure in 2006 to
    intrigue the underground hip hop, pop and rap game
    with her single "Watch Me Do This". Excitement and
    popularity spread at home in Weatherford Texas where
    she was born and raised, then rapidly migrated out to
    the Midwest,East Coast and West Coast regions. With
    excessive internet exposure and a nationwide street
    team Skrilla Deville became a household name from the
    young to the old. Skrilla Deville has an energetic spirit
    about her which exhilarates all of her projects. "Watch
    Me DO This" and "W-O-M-A-N" featuring Gabrielle
    Gonzales. Skrilla Deville works side by side with artist
    A.C who features on "Boss Chick", "Awesome God", and
    "Soundtrack" to name a few hits that quickly became a
    favorite among local DJ's and Consumers Nationwide.
    Skrilla is Supported by Prime Productions, Blackwood
    Entertainment, Last Confessions Entertainment, Hard
    Hitter Records, Dallas Records, and Versatile
    Productions which all Provides their services fully with
    new experiences which hasn't ceased creating
    additional heat for the entire Texas, Midwest,East Coast
    and West Coast regions. The exclusive partnership
    between manager, Gary Ned of Prime Productions,
    C.E.O. Heavy D of Hard Hitter Records, Atay of Last
    Confessions Entertanment, C.E.O. Yundrae Wilson of
    Dallas Records, Josh Young of Milky Beats
    Productions, Darnell Clay of South Side Studios, C.E.O.
    Young Verse of Versatile Productions, J. Fennell of
    Blackwood Entertainment, and C.E.O. Patti Geiger of
    Stampede Records the project of Skrilla Deville has
    been unbreakable. Skrilla Deville has a background in
    gospel singing in the New Hope Batist Church Mass
    Choir and solo ensembles for the Weatherford Junior
    High and High School Choir, creating one of the most
    superior yet original sounds ever heard. Skrilla Deville
    stays on the hustle and bustle daily by using her
    strategic business and management skills to keep the
    wheels moving like clockwork. Skrilla Deville has been
    an instrument to many female artist by stepping up to
    the plate as a female solo artist and running the Hip
    Hop and Rap game. Skrilla Deville has changed the face
    of today’s music. Her desire is to be well represented
    and respected in the Hip Hop community. Skrilla Deville
    encourages the youth, young men and women of today
    letting them know hands down we can be stars and we
    can be role models at the same time. Her Positive
    attitude embraces her morals and her focus in her
    carreer. Skrilla Deville's main focus and goal is to be
    one of the biggest-selling female all around artist of all
    time, riding a blend of pop, hip-hop, funk, r&b, world and
    urban soul to superstardom status. Skrilla Deville
    manages to appeal equally to Pop, Rap, and Hip-Hop
    audiences, blending catchy hooks and bouncy funk with
    a sassy, sexy attitude. Initially, her image was equal
    parts style and spirit, bolstered by a flamboyant,
    outrageous wardrobe. As time passed, she became
    equally well known for her chaotic personal life, leaving
    a trail of headlines that read like a soap opera plot:

    Skrilla Deville was founded in Ft. Worth, TX, in 2007
    where she met Gary Ned, locally based in Ft.Worth
    Texas who became her manager. They quickly scored a
    record deal with Yundrae Wilson's new label, Dallas
    Records, and a few months later issued her new hit
    single "Watch Me Do This" which aggressivly lead to
    the single, "I Got That Flava." Skrilla established her
    quirky, colorful fashion sense, and was true to her
    nickname, Prissy. She stirred up alot of attention by her
    style lyrics, rap and beats. The song became a Top Ten
    hit as did its follow-ups, "Boss Chick" featuring A.C. (a
    number two hit) and "Woman", featuring Gabrielle
    Gonzales. Skrilla Deville is definitely a success, but she
    isn't quite a finished yet, and it remains to be seen what
    she has planned next. With the strong support and
    backbone of who she is now; C.E.O. Gregory "Young
    Verse" Hardin of Versatile Productions has championed
    as an equal Partner, Mentor, Friend, Executive Producer,
    SongWriter, helping her to maintain as well as keep her
    momentum at an upward spiral. We've only just begun
    never loosing the passion of what and who Skrilla
    Deville is and about. Introducing Timeless Music to The World.

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