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    When You Want To Hear The Truth, You Want Bink$ To Get In The Booth

    His name is Bink$ Win$ton - not “the other guy that be rappin’ with The D.I.M.E.” And his brand, Dolla Bill Entertainment, proudly presents “MANish”, his debut EP. Released on June 20 2013, “MANish” explodes with the truth, as seen through the eyes of Bink$. Consequently that truth is delivered in an unvarnished, rough edged crystal shot glass. Recorded with Grammy nominated engineer Jeremy Goody (Megasonic Sound), and mixed/mastered by Deagan Mack Adams (Ineffable Music), “MANish” is made beautiful in its design and simplicity - yet dangerously appealing as it lunges for your jugular. To any fan of good rap music, the “MANish” EP is agreeably “something to look forward to” (Lou Nutt, Murder Dog Magazine).
    Despite the project’s provocative cover art, “MANish” reflects the arrogance and compassion of a not so conflicted man, whose disposition is being a native of the unforgiving streets of Oakland, California. Oakland’s truths are its mothers, its fathers, its city wide pride, blue collar mentality, pimps, homeless, its gangs and drugs, its hardened streets, as well as its green, rolling hills that constantly remind others both of where they are and where they will never reach. This is Oakland, “MANish”, and Bink$ Win$ton in all their contrasting glory.
    Referred to as a “hip hop Phil Spector” (D. Scot Miller, East Bay Express), Bink$ Win$ton is the Executive Producer of this very fluid, entertaining EP. “MANish”, comprised of hard, melodic rhythms and heavy hearted bass is constructed with great care and deliberate precision. With guest appearances from The D.I.M.E., and original production from Bre$Ez, Bleszid, 8ight 5ive, and NastyFace, Bink$ skillfully offers a surreal vision to his listeners. From living your life out loud to being driven for success, “MANish” personalizes the experience on a level that is both relatable and tangible to listeners from every walk of life. While it is easy for men to feel Bink$ Win$ton, women alike can appreciate the honesty in his perspective and music.
    To date Bink$’ music and videos can be found on over 100 hip hop sites/blogs worldwide - a google search would show that his material is not hard to find. And no stranger to the stage, he has opened for the likes of Slick Rick, San Quinn, Tash of Tha Alkoholiks, Iyaz, and K. Michelle to name a few. With that in mind, fans are encouraged to connect to him through social media and can expect promotional show dates throughout California through the fall and winter of 2013.
    Anyone interested in more information, promo, or to set up an interview, please email dolla.bill.entertainment@gmail.com.


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