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  • Birthday 05/14/1975

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    Diallo is an artist/producer, songwriter out of Richmond, Va where he is considered one of the pioneers central Va Hip-Hop scene
    with a track record of quality work that spans two decades.

    Over the course of his music career Diallo has collaborated with and produced for the likes of Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Skillz, Harold Lilly, Illa Ghee and Dj Khaled's new artist Rum to name a few, beginning with his 1st official album credit on Mad Skillz's 1995 Beat Beat Records release "From Where" on the track "Tongues of that next shit" where he is unfortunately mis-credited for "horns programming by", rather than the proper production credit.

    Diallo is also the founder of Herbal eX Records, Herbal eXperience LLC, and co-founder of Bloody Reign (who brought you GMGB), Disorganized Union and a number of other highly influential crews throughout the mid-atlantic.

    As an artist, Diallo has been featured on the 1999 Bloody Reign Ep "Night Visions", CAL Pacino's 2003 release "The Casket", All 3 "Virginia's for Hustlas" mix cd's by Dj Dynamite J (available at Dat Piff), The 2009 album "Access to my Soul" from Afi Makalani, the 2008 Release "Road to Respect" by CAl Pacino, The 2007 release "Get a Dutch - The Herb-N-Music Experience V.1), the full length solo album "Get it or Forget it" released by Herbal eX Records and several others, with other collaborations and productions popping up over the years on on underground mix tapes and cd's as well as several official vinyl releases from Disorganized Union, Bloody Reign, NATO and many others.

    Diallo has several current projects due to be released soon including "Goin' Green - The Herb-N-Music Experience V.2" the followup to the 2007 compilation album from Herbal eX Records as well as a new currently untitled solo album, new releases from MahAgony, Uncanny, Disorganized Union and a very special project with The Triumphant Youth.
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    translating the laguage of the heavens, International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Pro Too

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