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    Adrienne LaShe a native of California is a singer/songwriter who has been singing since she was 10 in church. Adrienne LaShe graduated from the infamous Crenshaw High School and received her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from California State Dominguez Hills University. Adrienne comes from a musical background so there was no mistake she had the talent. Adrienne LaShe's great grandmother, grandmother and aunt were part of gospel group back in the 60's called the Charlotte singers. Adrienne LaShe has been around celebrities all of her life and knew at a young age what she wanted.

    Back in 2005 Adrienne LaShe was interviewed by Celebrity Radio Host Jeffrey Henderson when he asked her when she realized she wanted to sing her simple response was a simple laugh and "Oh my when I heard Minnie Riperton, I mean she’s an icon nobody will ever take her place but she did influence me to bring real music back, I feel like if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything, I was blessed with a gift and I plan to bless others with it." Adrienne LaShe is not only humble she has the voice of an angel.

    In 2006 Adrienne was presented with a record deal, things got twisted and the deal was never signed. Recently Adrienne LaShe was accepted to perform and attend the Intrusion Music Summit in October 2012. Now Adrienne LaShe is back in complete control and is eager to prove that she is bringing music back to stand for something. On April, 2012 Adrienne LaShe gave a stand up performance at Blazen Flair’s Fashion Show in Dallas,Tx. In July Adrienne LaShe auditioned for NBC The Voice and Performed for Strive for Success Competition in August among other performances. She is not only a Talented artist she is an extraordinary songwriter. Adrienne LaShe was recently crowned with the number #1 Spot of the R&B/Soul Charts on Reverbnation.

    Adrienne LaShe is also featured on a series of mixtapes which can be found on Dattpiff and Coast to Coast Mixtapes. . .She is currently working on her Album titled "Thoughts of a Diva" and a Mixtape "Trust Issues" due late July 2013
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