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    Cincinnati ohio
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    Rapping ,skateboarding ,recording ,performing ,anmie ,manga and ps3
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    Leeland Monroe rapper/skateboarding hot topic brand poster child mr.skinny jeans himself. Hi is the first prince of sylver karatz which is one of (yo gotti rappers)camp Bbo bad bitches only!! born Germany McNeal this multi racial black,white and Indian born in japan raised in California rapper skateboarder has opened up for big names like twista yo gotti and more he is on his way with his skateboard swag and no hold bars raw lyrics he is sure to take the rap game by storm his mixtape skateboards,chucks&skinny jeans drops may 13 2014 which will feature songs swag on mars,life of the party and million dollar pose be sure to be on the look at for this youngster to dominate the rap game
  • Interests
    Skateboarding,Rapping,dancing,performing,animals rights and giving back to the community

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  1. I need to get my friends list up everybody that got friends out of town or sumn suggest me as a friend to them please&thank you :)

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