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    Forgive me if my english is incorrect in grammar, punctuation & contain spelling errors etc. I am still basic in my english.

    Jason Steven Wari Pala a.k.a DJ SON 65.
    How I got the name 'DJ SON 65' is a long story, you can ask me later about that! 'maybe on facebook'! Haha!

    Born in the famous Port Moresby city, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific in the mid 80's so I'm kind of 'OLD SKOOL'! (*wink*giggle*)
    "Off course I'm old skool"! You can tell in my style of music.

    I come from Aroma Maopa village (Mum), & Gavuone village Abau (Dad), both places in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea.

    Most of the songs in my playlist are from my first Papua New Guinea local album, titled 'Coolest Wantok'.
    Songs such as Shorty ain't Around, Thinking & Dreaming and Yumi Papua New Guinea.
    The other songs like Greatest Enemy are either singles or songs I featured in by other musicians.

    Coolest Wantok was recorded by Jamming With Groove recordings in early 2010, and released in mid 2011 by CHM Supersound Studios. This album is a reggae album and mainly contains songs about Peace, Love & Unity as all reggae music is mainly based on.

    Papua New Guinea has labeled me as one of the 'finest Reggae Rap sensations & sound engineers' in the country as I have been working to improve Papua New Guinean local musicians and their music by recording and featuring in their music to reach international music standards (93FM Yumi FM).

    'Well that actually was my aim to improve Papua New Guinea local music'.

    Apart from being a Reggae Rap musician, I do perform other genres of music such as Alternative Rock, Dance, Ballad, Pop, Samba, Fusion & Country.

    Well that's all of the bio I can give you now. Just a brief one! I'll tell you more on my next album. Thank you so much for bieng my fan and supporting my music. You're my Coolest Wantok! :-)

    For more info, you can find DJ SON 65 music, videos, pics, music news, tours, fan page, profile and etc on facebook.com, indiemusicchannel.com, indiecharts.com/djson65, myspace.com, reverbnation.com, & chmsupersound.com

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  1. can't sleep! He is taking a walk listening to music on his Nokia in the middle of the night @Argyle street, Redbank, Brisbane Australia.

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