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  1. haters r jus insecure real bros neva let it come to blows.

  2. gor some reason eva since i reached home i think av drank around 10ltrs water @kevinslither @yung_musa

  3. the beats(instrumentals) of the LENTO song by prof r just off the hook.addictive.brilliant.tru sound.damn #truemusic

  4. finally getn to watch my GODFATHER TRIOLOGY in super HD. #justoletuknow

  5. #ujingani hawker kushow BUBU ..'ni bei ya kuongea' lol ..*buried*

  6. #worstfeelingever u r xtremely TIRED nd u in bed then theaz no SLEEP!

  7. #tension umeiba ndai na umeweka scratch ..utehepaje? #teenprobz

  8. whuuuu..about to make a megamixxtape..ryt now. my best so far .#wishmeluck firebabyy.

  9. Networking with DJs via @GreenHitz!

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