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  1. cooling in the booth

  2. , thatssss why I Love HIM & be minessss :)

  3. I gos ham on any beat know that

  4. if i die the world gona cry

  5. i cant wait tell #NOFEELINGZ drop so i can drop #juiceswag

  6. Down 18 N Mst deep ass shyt

  7. bitch i go money in the box

  8. , checkout his shit to y'all, my babby no' s how to rap

  9. i love it when girls call me baby true shyt

  10. your boy so juice up rite now

  11. zo bitch im so juice up rite now off the lean

  12. On my way to diss meeting swag

  13. im out here getting money why yall keep doing dumb shyt

  14. rappers just dont do lol

  15. plp my bro @RonSonatine nd @FinalKauzEnt need the whole #DMV to follow we talking bout now tell your friends to

  16. i have an @GreenHitz page go add me lerenzoS and check out my youtube plp prettyboy zo

  17. youtube plp prettyboy zo

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