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    Music, music......and ummm...music
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    DJ FaSho aka Mr. Period Point Blank has been a music lover for as long as he can remember. Growing up DJ FaSho was exposed to a wide variety of genres that would influence his creative imagination and fuel his passion for music. FaSho began playing in the band in elementary school and by high school was a first chair saxophone player and had learned to read and write music for many different instruments. It was also in high school that DJ FaSho began to embrace his passion for making hip hop music. Not having a mentor to show him the ropes to become a DJ, FaSho sat down with an MPC 2000 and Korg keyboard and learned to produce music. It wasn't until his final years in college at Winston Salem State University that DJ FaSho purchased 2 Technic turntables, a mixer and a few crates of record. A perfectionist at heart, DJ FaSho spent the first year of his career practicing at home showing few his newly learned skills. Now a mere 2 years later, DJ FaSho is known for shutting down any venue, with the skills of a true turntablist, the musical ear of producer, and the energy of a definite party rocker. With a winner's mentality, a humble heart and the willingness to embrace independent artist DJ FaSho is the next big name in turntablism.

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