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  1. The weekend is far from over for me, but I'm bout to go my ass home for now

  2. For the folks that thought it was a game http://t.co/XwFMyKnL

  3. Finish my black Friday spending.

  4. Now at my 2nd Wal mart of the night

  5. No more Mr.Nice Guy, hello Mr. Mean Kicks

  6. Shout out to the fools selling bogus Jordan's in orange Nike boxes under the Claiborne bridge downtown

  7. “@CoolinWitWater:wat u doin for the bday”birthday dinner friday, night out with the homies saturday, & Jordan Cake @ the crib sun

  8. So I'm going in with the lifting

  9. So imma keep givin' this Mic & my fans my inner barbarian like Conan

  10. This Eagles/Giants is shits

  11. Knee on smash, no running for a minute for me. Going see the doc on Wednesday

  12. Twilight flow, shit better be worth all the hype

  13. So everyday I open my eyes I do it large

  14. Wanna know how many look in my sneaker closet & it self explains

  15. "@IamINK_: @TrueBlueOrleenz dope avi homie"appreciate that

  16. Foot work Friday (mighty crown dunks) http://t.co/pWeb0j1A

  17. “@FuckFaraz: @TrueBlueOrleenz that shit was fire!!!!”thanx big bro

  18. Good morning world. Be blessed

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