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    Stephon "SJ Apollo" Jones was born in San Bernardino, California in 1987. Due to his parents’ divorce as a young child, custody went to his mother who moved him to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri when he was 9 years of age.. They moved to North side of St. Louis, which is one of the worst areas in St. Louis. A few years later he was introduced to hip hop by one of his best friends at the time. They use to battle against each other on the 4200 block of Athlone almost every other day to sharpen each other’s skill of being a hip hop artist. Through his high school days he developed quite a buzz from his rhymes, cipher's and battles. He eventually spread his wings to do songs when he linked up with a local group and recorded music in they're studio. Due to creative differences he eventually left the group along with his cousin and music partner Samuel Sambo 2's Nance. Now currently working on his solo debut mix tape Entitled "Devils in Angels" SJ Apollo has linked up with S. Jones the producer to deliver a classic of epic proportions to come out of St. Louis, Missouri.

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