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    In a world where singers use their styles, bodies, and other gimmicks to draw attention to their music, Britt Byrd lets her music do the talking. Some may call it shyness and others will say its confidence. However, whichever story is behind it, the fact remains that Britt’s versatility, unique vocal stylings, and passion for music stands out above the rest.
    Growing up in a family of musicians who have sang back up for the likes of Patti LaBelle and Regina Belle, and including her uncle, Elder Goldwire McLendon, (first runner up of BET’S Sunday’s Best) she found herself being inspired to create music the way her family did so effortlessly. She knew her singing should be taken seriously when she sang at her grandmother’s house “A Whole New World” for her cousins who were visiting at the age of 7 years old. When she turned around to find her cousins staring at her, full of awe, with mouth wide open, this solidified her dreams. From then on she was enrolled in singing lessons and sang in school and church choirs for years to come. She became a strong alto and a staple for her church choir. Since then, Britt has defined her style and sound which now boasts a mezzo – soprano range, a smooth, angelic vibrato and a powerful belt.
    Britt began song writing at the age of 10, writing her feelings down to popular melodies on the radio. Notebooks and notebooks began to amass throughout the years as she put her feelings into lyrics and onto paper and she was able to turn her experiences into songs, creating music that was personal, emotional and relatable. Her friends took notice in high school when she sang her song “Remember” for them at a lunch table, leaving them all speechless. In high school she teamed up with fellow school band members and rising producers James Lewis and Robert Flom and soon after they began working on songs together. (J and Rob Productions) James says about Brittany: "Brittany has the kind of voice that can capture the attention of the people listening. She's not the average singer that you hear in the background and talk over her. She is able to start singing in a room full of people and grab their attention immediately. She has true talent."
    Britt began writing and recording whenever possible with the duo, creating songs that have become popular on the Internet gaining more and more fans as the years went on and the song poured out. This gave Britt the confidence to enter a singing competition in Philadelphia for popular radio station 100.3 The Beat Music and Entertainment contest where she sang for Mike Bivens, Jazz from R&B group Dru Hill and a host of other industry professionals. Even with bronchitis, she sang her heart out, as Britt’s drive and determination would not let her sit any opportunity out. Striving to be the best she could be, Britt purchased numerous books on singing, music theory and lyric writing that would allow her to study and develop her craft. The work has evidently paid off, as she has recently found herself in a top 10 of artists to open for Jive Records groups JLS and Hot Cherelle Rae at Six Flags Great Adventure.
    During her time in college, Britt had 3 different majors and tried to see her life going in other directions, but could not tear herself away from the passion she had for music. Recently, Britt has finished graduate school but is taking time to sing as an artist with RichKid Music LLC where ever and whenever she can in efforts to fulfill her lifelong dream. Take one listen to Britt’s unique and inviting voice and you too will see she was destined to sing.

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