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    “DEP” was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario on March 21st, 1988. He is an artist, song-writer, producer, musician, and a recording engineer. Dep is still fairly new to being a artist but has accomplished a lot and is on his way to becoming one of the most talented artist in the city of Toronto. With his ability to make and record his own music, to come with catchy melodies and lyrics it has made Dep an artist to be taken serious.In the past year Dep has been very busy, in the summer of 2009 he released his first single entitled ‘Put You On’ which became a hit on the radio. In the last year his single has been played on numerous radio stations all over Canada and the United States making big impacts in places like Toronto, New York, and Ohio. ‘Put You On’ had huge success in Buffalo on WBLK’s 93.7 FM Unsigned Hype Countdown. It was on the Top 10 for 2 months and spent 2 weeks at number 1. As if that wasn’t enough, Dep was awarded International Artist of the Year by Unsigned Hype.Dep is on his way to being a well rounded artist. His experience playing various instruments, creative writing capabilities, technical experience as a producer and a sound engineer makes him completely self-reliant.
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    music, sports

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