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    12 Gage "Corey Weatherspoon" was born 12/16/1988 in St.Paul,MN. I was raised in ever hood in st.paul we moved around alot. I started rapping forreal at the age of 18 in a group called Lottery wit my nigga Young KC in 2008, summer, released a mixtape/ album called UnderDogs that took a 4 weeks to do. Then I started to do my solo thing and started to do shows and got a lil buzz going on talkin to a few lil labels and then I just stopped because I had a son and wanted to spend all my time wit him (J-Boogie). Then I been hearing the bullshit thats out now and started up again going hard working wit down south artist because back home to many niggas took me off they track cuz I killed it better then them but now im just gonna fuck wit everyone and trying to make it big. For Booking 651-621-4320 Or E-Mail me @ coreygreat58@yahoo.com

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  1. AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD: check out my single and tell me wat u think New Single "Extacy" By 12 gage #GOGETIT... http://t.co/avXbGGJt

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