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  • Birthday 03/18/1991

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    zootown (Missoula, MT)
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    Writing music...freestyle rapping...makin money
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    I'm an aspiring Hip Hop artist, inspired by the respect and a chance to spread my message, a message of what I'm about, and who I've become in my life. I've been thru some ups and downs, and I have a grasp on this thing we call life. And I have a vision for my life, and all I wanna do is express that vision, with words, hopefully sticking in your mind and capturing your' hearts, and ultimately, influencing, and inspiring you to be yourself, regardless of your mistakes. It's not that you fell down, it's how you get up that matters, and I'm a living example of that.
  • Interests
    Writing music, freestyle rapping...makin money

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